2013: a year about more than happiness

“Resolved, to live with all my might while I do live.” ~Jonathan Edwards, age 19 I ran across this quote passed along by The Rebelution at the start of the year and have… Continue reading

Sparks of Love

Why do people always say to look for that “spark of love”? It doesn’t seem to be a very good description, since you can scrape a flint a thousand times and get sparks… Continue reading

Somewhere beyond…

The sea… it has beckoned and claimed the lives of humans for generations. So destructive yet so alluring. Some wish to get across it; others prefer to dive in it.  For some reason, sailing… Continue reading

Patagonia, Color, Vanity

Trying to find a rain jacket for school led me to wonder where the name brand Patagonia got its name. I expected it to be a geographical term similar to another cool word… Continue reading